Jane Miller for Oak Ridge (TN) City Council
Reaching Out to Citizens: Working with citizens throughout the city, both one-on-one and with neighborhoods groups, to address and solve specific issues and concerns.

Economic Development: Working with developers and other organizations to bring additional retail outlets to provide new sources of tax revenue that are required to maintain our schools, increased police support and other valued city services.

Attracting New Hires: Continuing Leadership of the “Live Where You Work Program” to attract new hires to Oak Ridge.

Safe Neighborhoods: Supporting neighborhood watch programs and increased police support to improve safety and security in our neighborhoods.

Housing Improvements: Working for new affordable homes and apartments to attract new families while better maintaining homes and neighborhoods.

Education: Maintaining excellent schools while being fiscally responsible and achieving improved efficiencies.

City Services: Working to operate the City as a well managed business and responding to citizens as customers, and working with developers and other Oak Ridge business development organizations as “business partners”.

Sustainability and Environment: Support sustainability by increasing single stream recycling participation for each of its 17,000+ households as well as pursuing other energy saving initiatives.

Heritage Tourism: Promoting tourism while protecting our heritage.

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